WordPress care membership

Ongoing care and learning for your business

Your website is your business' front door,
Don't let it slam in your client's face.

I’ve built enough websites over the years to know that people go out with the best of intentions, but the first thing that falls off when they get busy is website care (the second thing is content creation).

The WordPress care membership can help take the stress out of website ownership.

On the one hand you’ll be relieving yourself of the stress of keeping your site up-to-date or leaving it vulnerable.

And on the other you’ll become part of a supportive community with access to expert workshops, training and resources to make your site stand out from the rest.

Too busy. Overwhelmed. Forgot?

These things don't need to leave your site vulnerable anymore.


“Bec takes all of the stress out of tech support”

-Sam Winch


Basic website care
$ 59 Monthly
  • Monthly backups
  • Core updates (monthly)
  • Theme updates (monthly)
  • Plugin updates (monthly)
  • Basic security
  • All member perks *

Peace of mind

Webcare upleveled with more
of the stuff you need
$ 139 Monthly
  • Daily backups
  • Site hosting
  • Core updates (weekly)
  • Theme updates (weekly)
  • Plugin updates (weekly)
  • Broken link checker
  • Basic security
  • All member perks *
  • Quarterly 1:1 call

Did I mention there are no lock-in contracts? Yup, you can cancel at any time, no worries.

…Get yourself Bec Waterhouse. I have worked with over a dozen web developers in the past two years and most have been great. 

Bec is beyond.

Jay Crisp Crow - Crisp Copy

Membership perks!

Launching May 3 2021

Each month you’ll get access to a live workshop run by me OR another expert in a field related to websites (think copywriters, content creators, graphic designers, PPC experts etc).

You’ll get to spend time working on your website in a supported environment. Yup, you’ll even be able to ask questions an get advise.

You’ll have access to a growing library of photos, graphics and social media templates…probably also other stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

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