The practical guide to creating a sales page that converts

Creating a sales page that converts is hard.

A lot of work goes into them…mainly because no one really seems to know what they need to address in order to create a sales page that actually converts. To be fair, there are a lot of different ways to create a sales page that converts so it’s not hard to get confused.

In this blog post, I’m going to give you the exact method I use to create sales pages for my clients and it works for them. So, hold on to your hats and don’t forget to sign up for the free worksheet at the bottom.

An attention-grabbing headline

Sales page headlines can be tricky. You need to grab your readers attention, intrigue them and show them the result they’ll get because they’ve purchased your thing, taken your course or worked with you one-on-one.

That’s a lot of work for such a short sentence!

Show them you know how they’re struggling

Paint me a picture and do it with words.

Who will your service benefit and why do they need it? How are they struggling without your solution? Use the same words they use when they describe this problem.

You want people getting to the end of this section thinking “Oh. My. God. That’s me!”

How will they feel once they’re done?

In the same way, you did in the section above, make the solution real for them. How will their lives be better once they’ve finished your course or after they’ve worked with you?

Why is your service different?

Chances are, your ideal client has already tried something else to solve this problem and it failed. Why is your solution different? In other words, why should they believe working with you will yield actual results?

Introduce yourself

Who are you? What’s your experience, why should they listen to you?

For instance: After 3,000 years rolling that boulder uphill, Sisyphus is the world expert at making even the tiniest ledges support enormous weight.


Here’s a great spot to put your first testimonial. Ideally, this would be from someone who has worked with you on this specific thing before.

Introduce your service

NOW it’s time to tell them about your product or service.

I know you’ve waited a long time, but that was on purpose. If they’re still reading here’s it’s probably because they think your solution is for them.

Why should they care?

Because you’re solving a massive problem for them! (Tell them how).

Second testimonial

Well, a testimonial or a case study.

Case studies are great if you don’t have any testimonials. Pick someone you’ve worked with before, rename them and write about their problem and what you did to help the solve it.


A call-to-action with pricing and a short wrap up of what you get goes here.

What do they get?

Spell it out for them. Remember to aim for benefit statements rather than a list of features (for instance a feature of my wallet is a change purse, but the benefit is that I can empty out my piggy bank and carry it all to the bank without dropping a coin).

If you’re selling a course, this is where you’d list your modules.

Remind them why you’re different

Of course, your service is different! You do something different from everything else they’ve tried. Maybe you offer one-on-one coaching to make sure each participant of your course implements the work. Or maybe you offer extensive training so your clients can actually use your solution. You might have even spent extra money to make sure the UX is foolproof.

Whatever it is, tell them.

So that’s how you craft a sales page that converts. Do I use every single point every time I create a landing page for a client? No.

Sometimes you’ll it’s just overkill (for a free opt-in or even a low priced offering), but for that big thing you’d be over the moon to have people buy, this is your go to.

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