Connect. Engage. Convert.

Marketing for health & wellness businesses

You work hard for the money...

because you love getting results for your clients

BUT...the people you want to serve don't really know who you are.

Your services aren’t being booked out and you’re not sure what to do next.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you were the sought out expert in your area?

Wouldn’t you prefer people coming to you instead of always trying to seek them out?

Stop starring at your empty appointment slots and get on board this 90-day program.

Over the course of this 90 day done-for-you program we’ll go over your analytics, SEO ranking and website with the goal of upping your game and getting clients to come to you, so you don’t have to market yourself.

Here's how it works...


Hi, I'm Bec

Something I’ve learned since I started doing web design professionally is that a website is only one piece of the puzzle.

To effectively market your business you need to look at it as a whole.

That’s what this 90-day program is all about. Looking at everything you’ve done and creating a plan to help clients find you in the future.

Each plan is specifically tailored

There is no one size fits all here. The plan we create and the work we do will be specifically designed to fill in the missing pieces of your marketing.

Plans may include:

  • Website security fixes
  • Design and copy tweaks
  • Repurposing and/or fine-tuning your exisiting content
  • Newly created blog content
  • Social media content
  • Suggestions for or creation of an email opt-in

Every 30 days you’ll receive a report showing you the improvements and changes made to your site and marketing.

During our time together I’ll work to repurpose your blog content into bite sized social media posts. 

These posts will be chock full of value, so you can use them as tips in Facebook groups, on your Facebook page and, because you’ll receive accompanying 1080x1080px images, they can also be used on Instagram.

You’ll also get promotion copy for the services you provide to your clients.

The report you receive every 30 days will include:

  • The work done on your site
  • Changes made to your content
  • Keyword rank changes
  • Social media interactions
  • Traffic report for your site

No worries! Complete our client worksheet so we can better understand your needs.

Once the 90 day period is over you’ll have the option of continuing to work with me on a month-by-month basis or strike out on your own.

Your total investment for the done for you program is $3200 which can be paid as a lump sum or in three instalments of $1200 per 30 days.

Not a problem!
I’ll create a similar program with weekly one-on-one sessions to help you meet your goals.

Your investment for the done-with-you program is $2200 paid as a lump sum before the program begins or in three instalments of $740

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