Improve your reputation to grow your business

If your goal is to increase your client base and earn more money you need to spend more time focusing on creating content that shows you as the expert you are.

You reputation is key to building a business where clients come to you.

Today I want to talk about my number one tip for the things you should be doing in order to grow your business and improve your reputation. Now this number one thing will deal with that feeling of failure you have when you’re posting in Facebook groups and you think everybody knows who you are and what you do, and they seem interested, but when you post your offers and primers and whatnot, nobody actually takes you up, or very few people do.

Now this is something that happened to be when I was first starting out in business. I was in a dozen Facebook groups and I was constantly … or at least I thought I was constantly talking about what I did and what I offered, but people wouldn’t purchase when I would add what I thought was a really valuable offer to the groups. And I realized over time that the reason they did this, or rather that they didn’t do it, was that they didn’t really know what I did because each week, I post a different offer. And they get confused, and confused people don’t buy.

So what my number one tip is, and the number one tip that will actually help you start making traction and making those sales is stick to your offer every week, even if last week nobody bought. This week, offer the same thing. Next week, offer the same thing. Keep offering that same thing, don’t go off on a tangent and offer something completely different, even if, to you, it seems like it’s related because people get confused. Facebook is massive. The internet is enormous. There are so many people out there who are being honest and open and consistent with what they offer that if you’re not being that kind of consistent, then you’re kind of missing out with this.

So get in the groups and be consistent about what you offer. Make sure people know. Say, you’re going to be sick to death of saying things like, “Hi, I’m Bec Waterhouse, I help you build your business and reputation through web design and content.” You’re going to be so incredibly sick of saying that. You’re going to say it like, 900 times a week. But I guarantee you, at the end of the day, you’re going to have at least one person who says, “What do you do?” Or, “I didn’t know you had a group program.” You need to say it until you are so far past talking about the offers you have and the services you provide that if you had to say it one more time, you were just going to scream.

People need to hear it over and over and over again. Even people who know you, they say that it takes at least eight touches before somebody will buy from you. And what that means is they need to see you offer that one thing or see you providing value at least eight times before they’re going to be ready to buy, so you do need to consistently tell people the same thing, over and over and over to get them to buy from you. So that is my tip. Keep being consistent. Keep … I can’t think of the word. Be … Keep being consistent. Stand behind your offers. That’s the one. Stand behind your offers. Don’t stop offering it because it seems like nobody’s listening. They’re not listening because they don’t know and they need those eight touches before they will buy from you.

So that is what I’m talking about today. If you need help, feel free to reach out and get in touch. My email address is Bye for now.

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