Ep3. Using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website

Have you ever wondered what you need to do with your website before you can run successful FB ads? In this episode Facebook ads expert Bianca McKenzie is going to tell us.

Show notes

3:37 What can you use Facebook ads to launch?
5:15 What makes an ad good or bad?
7:20 You don’t control Facebook.
8:30 Ads need to speak to the audience to be successful.
9:30 Is using an attention grabbing image that isn’t related to your product/service a good strategy?
10:57 What should I be doing before I start running ads?
14:08 Facebook ads is not your sales person.
16:15 The more analytics you have the easier it becomes to predict your results.
16:25 How much is a good minimum spend?
19:55 What does Bianca wish people knew about FB ads?

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