DIY Website Workshop

Brisbane city
Location TBA

12 and 13 February 2020

Build your website, quickly

in a supported environment

Join me for a two-day workshop that will take your website from an idea to a reality. I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true.

Over the course of a weekend I’ll be there to guide you through the technical and design process that will result in a professional looking site that appeals to your audience.

You’ll spend the workshop in a light-hearted atmosphere were you can ask any questions and be provided with as much or as little handholding as you need.

Let's get your website online

No tears. No frustration.

What will I get?

The long and short of it is, you'll have everything you need to get your business online.

You’ll be taken through the process of building your site. You’ll learn about SEO and keyword research so people can find your business and then you’ll create your content.

Don’t worry about overwhelm, everything will be presented in bite-sized, easy to understand chunks. At the end of the two days you’ll have a fully functional website that you can manage and update.

The best part is that you’ll work through these things during our time together so you won’t come home to a massive list of things you need to do. The other best bit is that you’ll know how to maintain and update your website on your own.

How much coffee can I have?


(it’s unlimited, but I’d be interested to watch someone attempt to drink 10,000 cups over two days). Also, there’s tea.

Here's the breakdown

What's included

What you'll learn

What's not included

Day 1

There's no point in dawdling, so we'll be diving straight in.

At the end of day one you’ll have the bones of your site up and running. More than that, you’ll know enough to confidently stride into WordPress to create new pages and posts.

We’ll also touch on the technical bits about crafting your message and reaching your perfect clients.

Day 2

We’re on the home stretch now!

On day 2 we’re going to be focusing on crafting a message that speaks to your client, answering their questions and giving them reason to work with you.

We’ll finish the day with a big push towards tweaking your site so it suits your business and personality.

Payment plan

3 x monthly payments of $299

Available until 11 December 2019

One-time payment

One payment of $897

Get in before November 31 and get a month of email support


Free website building courses are fine if you’re looking for the cheapest possible option and if you have some knowledge of WordPress.

But when you come to an in-person workshop you’re getting more than just basic instruction.

You’ll be in a small group (max 10 students) so you can ask any questions. We can work together to troubleshoot any problems you have while I guide you through creating a gorgeous website.

Your computer and various paraphernalia (power plug, mouse etc) and your good self.

I’ll supply food, drink and everything else.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital products refunds are unavailable, but tickets are transferable. 

So, if you’re unable to attend you can sell your ticket to someone else.