Ask Steph why you should pay for professional website care

One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners make with their website is not keeping them up-to-date.

I had recent first-hand experience of what happens when a small business owner doesn’t keep their site updated with a past client that we’ll call Steph.

Steph’s great. In her early 40s, she’s just started out in her own business and knew enough to get a professional website developed as a platform to build her business upon.

Unfortunately, Steph thought she could save herself a bit of money by doing her WordPress maintenance herself. The trouble was, she didn’t actually do it. She had the best of intentions, but the reality was she got busy.

Her coaching business really took off so she hired an offshore VA from Fiverr to write content for her site as well as perform basic maintenance for her. To put it bluntly, the VA didn’t know what she was doing so, when the site got stuck in maintenance mode she headed for the hills.

So now it’s Sunday afternoon, Steph’s site’s gone (from her perspective) and she can’t get in touch with her VA for love nor money, her next port of call is me.

Of course! I can fix maintenance mode, it’s super quick and not a problem. Thing is, Steph site isn’t an easy fix because at some point in the past 6 months she’s been hacked and didn’t know. Worse than that, she didn’t take me seriously when I explained the need for backups.

See where I’m going with this?

Websites aren’t wash and wear

These are dry clean only garments. You wouldn’t stick a $5000 haute couture gown in your washing machine and hope for the best. No, you’d find a dry cleaner you trusted and pay to have to properly cleaned and pressed.

(I don’t know why I’m using fashion as an example, I don’t even own an iron)

I’m not saying you can’t maintain your own website, what I am saying is that most people don’t and that’s when disaster can strike – just asked Steph.

Maintenance is more than just updates

Yes, updates are a huge part of what a care plan will do for you, a lot more goes into it than just clicking the “update” link on the plugins page.

Before we do anything to your site we make sure a full backup has been completed. This way, should anything go wrong, we can easily revert your site and have it up and running again within minutes.

Major plugins are also tested separately to ensure they won’t cause any conflicts with your theme or other plugins (this is a super common problem which can require work to fix).

We also check your websites performance, it’s load speed and downtime and much more. These things are all dependant on the software running correctly and being up-to-date.

Will you save money if you DIY?

Like I said before, you most certainly can do your own updates, but in my experience, most people don’t and that’s a risk.

Just like Steph, you could find your self with a bill for several thousand dollars to recover your site. A lot of the content Steph and her VA created is gone, along with the time and money spent to create it.

No one is too small potatoes to be a target for hackers so if your software isn’t up-to-date and you don’t have a clean backup you could find yourself starting again.

The choice is yours

You most certainly can maintain your own site, but if you’d like the peace of mind of knowing an experienced professional has your back join my Website Care Club today.

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