Are these design trends ruining your website?

When you spend a good portion of your day combing the web for design inspiration you’re bound to find (at least) a few things that annoy you. Granted, when it comes to web design I’m probably pickier than most, but the truth is, there are some design elements that really do put people off your website (and your business).

Anything that autoplays

Videos or music with sound, if it auto-plays you’re going to lose visitors.

That may sound harsh, but the truth is, it’s far easier to close a browser tab than finding the pause button on a video. When you consider that people may be viewing your website at work, or while their kids are asleep they quicker they can get away from a noisy site the better

Carousel sliders

There are so many reasons why sliders are bad for your site, but if you want one that’ll make you delete yours straight away it’s this. People hate sliders. In fact, only 1% of site visitors will click on them because most will scroll right past them.

Animated all the things

Many major WordPress themes have made using animation easy. You can have you content fly in, roll around or bounce with the click of a button. You may be thinking that animation makes your site look up-to-date or that you’re drawing more attention to your content, but you’re not.

Used sparingly, animation can make certain aspects of your site stand out, but there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. Too many things jumping up and down, looking for attention, means nothing really gets it.

If you want to use animation on your site pick the most important thing and animate that. Leave everything else static, that way people will be able to see what’s important at a glance without getting seasick in the process.

Too many popups

You might have multiple opt-in offers each with its own signup form, but you need to make sure that all those opt-ins aren’t going to pop up on the same page.

Pop-ups are effective for collecting email addresses, but they can also be annoying. Ideally, your visitors shouldn’t be presented with any more than one pop-up per visit and certainly no more than one per page.

Obvious stock photography

There’s nothing wrong with stock photography…unless the photos you’re using are being used by everyone else.

Using too many photos on your website that are obviously stock will detract from the authenticity of your brand. On a subconscious level, it’ll make people trust you less.

In an ideal world most of the imagery on your site would be unique to you, but in the real world that’s not possible so do the next best thing. Be choosy about the stock you use, especially on your homepage.

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