3 Things your website should be doing (but probably isn’t)

A website is more than just art. It has a job to do.

It needs to take your readers on a journey from not knowing you to being ready to take that step and become a paying client. This process will be different from business to business because what your clients need from you is different to what mine need from me.

Regardless of your industry, there are three things you need your website to be doing to earn its keep and make you more money.

Entice new leads

With an eye-catching, professional looking design and language that appeals specifically to your audience, your website should attract potential customers, draw them in and make them want more.

Give new connections what they need right off the bat. Do they need to see examples of your work? Will they be swayed by testimonials or other social proof? Don’t make them work for it, give it to them straight up.

Engaging readers

Is your content giving your readers what they want and need? Is it interesting, or even exciting?

Well created content isn’t just about keeping eyes on your site. It shows potential clients that you’re a professional in your field and why they should work with you.

Start a blog AND keep it updated! Don’t forget to use the same language they use to talk about the problem you solve for them and don’t be afraid to give them the actual answers. Don’t want to blog yourself? Hire an awesome copywriter like Jay.

Making sales

Getting people to work with you is about more than just slapping a “buy now” button on your website.

It’s about giving them what they need to overcome any objections they have to working with you specifically or hiring someone in general. Take some time and ask yourself—when you’re on a discovery call what do people always ask? Then consider how can you give it to them quickly, without being pushy (people like to buy but they don’t like to be sold to).

Work out what your client’s objections are and address them in advance (clue: cost is rarely the problem). Trudi Pavlovski has a great training to help you overcome the “no.”

Is your website serving your business by doing all three of these things? No? Get in touch today!

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